VB 6 Programming

VB 6 Tool Bar

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 57 total views The VB 6 allows you to add a toolbar to the form object. In this article we will explain the method to add the toolbar . To create a toolbar you have to follow steps given below. Add component, “Microsoft Windows Common Control 6.0″ Select Toolbar control from the Toolbox in VB 6 …

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VB 6 Form Title

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 52 total views A VB 6 form has a title bar and the title of the form can be changed. In this article, we will talk about two ways to change the title of a form object. Change title from property window. Change title during run-time from code editor. Change title using property window When you …

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VB Form Basics

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 55 total views In this article, you learn about Vb 6 form and understand the types and different parts of VB 6 form object. There are many things that you can do with VB 6 form object. Here is a list. Change form title Add new title Create menu bar Create new toolbar for the form …

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VB 6 Handling Financial Data

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 37 total views Apart from performing mathematical calculations using builtin math functions, the Visual Basic 6 has functions that can handle financial data. You can always write your own functions, however, VB 6 provides builtin functions. A list of financial functions are given below. Financial Functions Description DDB, SLN, SYD Compute depriciation FV Compute the future …

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VB 6.0 Tutorial

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Visual Basic 6 is a popular GUI based programming language and very easy to learn.