Computer Networks

Computer Networks Overview

A computer network are a group of connected computers that share resources. The computer resource could be

  1. A device
  2. A file
  3. An application
  4. CPU or memory

There are many types of computer networks and networking devices to connect computers. The physical layout of computer network is known as a topology that span across a geographical location. The Internet (a global network) is also a type of computer network.

A computer network is all about communication and computer networks also have a set of rule defined by a network protocol. The most popular computer protocols are

  1. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)
  2. UDP (User Datagram Protocol

The computer networks is an emerging field in computer science. The traditional computer networks used to have Wired connections that required long cables, but now, with the help of Wireless technologies – it is possible to connect your computing devices such as mobile devices and laptops to a wireless network.

About Computer Network Tutorial

This tutorial is intended for any one who wants to learn Computer networks. There is no prerequisite to learn from this tutorial. However, some knowledge of basic computer terminologies is required.

The tutorial is divided into the following layers

  1. Physical Networks
  2. Network Layers
  3. Transport Layers
  4. Application Layers

Each of these layers are further subdivided into may topics.