Digital Design

We live in a digital age and most of the things we do involves digital systems. We use so many digital devices for communication, military, traffic control, navigation, medical treatment, weather prediction and so on. These systems are mostly called real-time systems. The real-time systems have embedded special digital computers that run programs once receive inputs from users. The program and the inputs both are flexible and can be modified.

The digital computer is made of many logic circuits (modules) and they operate on discrete information. Several circuits communicate to each other and work together in the digital computer system. These circuits are input/output, memory and processing unit.

About Digital Design Tutorial

This tutorial is for any person willing to learn digital design. There is no prerequisite to learn from the tutorial. You should read our tutorial and do problems from specific sections, to reinforce your learning.

Digital Design Tutorial Topics

In this section, you will find topics for the digital design tutorial. Read each lesson from a specific topic and do the problems wherever necessary.


Digital Codes

Digital Logic

Combinational Circuits