C Examples

The best way to learn C programming is by practicing lots of example programs. The list on this page is organized based on different topics.

The benefit of practicing examples, besides learning is that it will improve your problem solving skills. You will learn many ways of solving programming problems which you never knew before.

We have included additional resources like flowcharts, that will give you more clarity about the problem as well as the solution. Sometimes you may come up with a better way to solve a particular problem. So the more you practice, the better you get at programming.

What are the perquisites to practice C examples?

There are few prerequisites listed below to maximize your learning.

  • C Tutorial – you must be familiar with the C programming concepts. Visit our C tutorial page and learn basic to advanced concepts before you try the examples.
  • C Compiler – you need a computer with C compiler installed on it or you install one for yourself. We wrote all our programs using Dev-C++ and Turbo C++ 3.0 compiler.
  • Pen and Paper – It is only required for some examples to verify the output. Math programs definitely need manual verification. Though each example program has a verified output, it is a good practice to try some of your own input. In that case, you need to verify the output using pen and paper.


To become a master C programmer, you need patience and lot of practice. The best resource where you can find more problems and examples is C programming books.

We recommend two books from Amazon for practicing examples and exercises. Read the reviews on Amazon before you make a decision to get them.

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Note:- We earn a small commission from Amazon every time you make a purchase.

C Example Topics

Math Programs

String Programs


C Data Structures

C Algorithms