XML Tutorial

XML Overview

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language and it is a markup language. It is derived from Standardized General Markup Language (SGML). Even the HTML is derived from SGML standard which specify, how to structure a document.

XML tags put more focus on describing the structure of documents, then the presentation. This brings efficiency in storing the data and exchanging them between applications and systems.

About XML Tutorial

The audience of this XML tutorial is anyone interested in learning XML technologies. There is no prerequisite to learn from this tutorial, however, some knowledge of HTML would be helpful. You can learn HTML visiting following link.

HTML Tutorial

Also there is special software requirement for practicing XML, a simple notepad is enough to get you started. Try all examples in our example section to learn more efficiently.

XML Tutorial Topics

The XML uses a lot of supporting technologies. We have listed all the topics below and each of these topics contains more lessons to learn from. Read our tutorial and practice from example programs.



Validating XML

XML Intermediate Technologies

XML Based Technologies (Web Services)