C programming

C Program Structure

C programming language is a general-purpose high-level programming language and like every programming language, it follows a consistent structure. In this article, we begin the tutorial by describing the structure and elements of C language. A C program is consists of statements or instructions grouped together. A statement is an instruction to a compiler which …

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C Storage Classes

Variables point to a memory location that has an address and a value stored. Other than this value, a variable also has a storage class. The C storage classes decide the characteristics of a variable during the execution of a program – the characteristics are storage location, initial value stored, scope, the lifetime of the …

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C Data Types

Data types are a very important concept in programming languages. You can choose the right kind of variable types for your program. The data types depend on the compiler which creates machine codes suitable for 16-bit or 32-bit processors. Sometimes when the processor has backward compatibility, then a 32-bit processor can run a 16-bit machine …

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