C++ Operator Classification

The C++ programming language offers different types of operators. These operators are used in expressions that evaluate to a single value. Sometimes the operator is used in decision making that changes the flow of the program. Here is the diagram that classifies C++ operators into different categories. Arithmetic Operators Operator Description + Addition operation – …

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C/C++ Keywords

The keywords are identifiers that cannot be used as variables. These are reserved words used as instructions in a C/C++ program. In this article , we have listed all the common keywords used in C/C++ language with a short description of each. Keyword Language Description auto C/C++ Auto storage class break C/C++ Break a loop …

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C++ Objects

C++ class is a template for objects. The objects are created, destroyed and manipulated. The C++ objects make use of properties and methods of a class. Declaring objects There are two methods for creating objects. Declare objects with class declaration. Declare objects separately. We will discuss both the method now. Declare objects with Class Declaration …

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C++ Class Basics

C++ programming supports Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). The OOP concepts are implemented using classes in C++. Before we start learning about C++ class basics, understand the following OOP concepts given below. Data Abstraction C++ classes are abstract data-types (ADTs). The classes use data abstraction which is collection of data and methods in OOP. The term abstraction …

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