C++ Programming

C++ Functions

The C++ functions are user-defined named block of code that performs a specific task. The function takes parameter or no parameters, it may return a value or not return anything. Every function has a type that indicates the return type of that function. The main() is a function in C++ program and there could only …

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C++ while Loop

A while loop is another kind of loop control structure. The loop has initial condition and a test condition to pass before the actual loop body starts. The loop is incremented or decremented inside of the loop body. The general structure of while loop is given below. The initial expression is a simple assignment where …

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C++ Manipulators

The C++ manipulators are stream functions that modify the characteristics of input and output stream. It is used for formating the input and output stream by changing format flags and values for the stream. The list of manipulator function is located in <iomanip.h> header file. You need to include this header to use the manipulator …

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