Computer Science

Computer Science is study of computers and its associated theory, experiments and engineering principles, that help design a better computer. There are two aspects of computer science – theoretical aspect and practical aspect.

Theoretical Computer Science

The theoretical aspect of computer science is related to topics such as

Discrete Mathematics

The math used in computer science is called discrete mathematics that involve selected topics from general mathematics.

Practical or Experimental Computer Science

The practical approach is more concerned about the


Operating Systems

The OS is a layer between a user and a computer hardware. It helps communicate the instructions given by the user to the computer hardware.The other task of OS is to manage the resources of a computer – Memory, CPU and Disk space.

Computer Programming

Computer programming is art of writing programs which are instructions to computer. The programs are written using a programming language like C, C++, Java and so on.

Computer Network

Computers are required to share information, the older method was to copy information to a disk and take it another computer. The computer network solve this problem by helping two or more computers share their resources through physical medium and transferring bits of information.

Computer Organization

Computer organization is a study of basic computer components and how they together efficiently, and also finds the way to improve the computer efficiency. The computer organization is about studying computer models in terms of processors, memory, cache, instructions and input -output mechanism.