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NotesforMSc.org is an educational site, dedicated to computer science and programming. We offer

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Following is the list of popular tutorials, you might be interested in. You can go to the specific tutorial page and start learning.

Computer science is all about the science of building an efficient computer system. All subjects in computer science are broadly classified into computer hardware and computer software. Each of the following topics falls into one of the categories mentioned earlier.

Computer Science Tutorials
AlgorithmsAlgorithms are the blueprints of computer programs. You will learn algorithm design techniques, analysis, and well-known algorithm examples.
Digital DesignDigital design is study of principles behind digital circuits. You will learn about digital design principles, digital circuits and components of digital circuits.
Computer OrganizationIn this tutorial, you will learn about the internal working and organization of a basic computer system.
Database ManagementYou will learn the principles of database design and management in this tutorial.
Data StructuresYou will learn about basic data structures and its operations in this tutorial.
Operating SystemsAn operating system is a software layer that manages your computer resources. You will learn about OS services and resources management techniques in this tutorial.
Computer NetworksComputers communicate with each other using a computer network. You will learn about computer networks, protocols, and technologies used for managing a computer network in this tutorial.
Data MiningData mining is to find interesting patterns from existing data. Learn the basics of data mining in this tutorial.
Software EngineeringThis tutorial contains processes, tools and techniques related to software development.

Programming is all about giving instruction to computer system to carry out some task. We can classify computer programming into two parts – Core programming languages that use compilers and Web programming more related to web development and design.

Core Programming Tutorials
C TutorialLearn world’s most popular programming language.
C++ TutorialExplore object-oriented programming with C++.
VB 6 TutorialGet started with Visual Basic 6 programming and create interesting visual basic projects.
Web Programming Tutorials
HTML TutorialBuild web pages after learning HTML.
CSS TutorialLearn CSS and bring color and style to your HTML web page.
JavaScript TutorialJavaScript makes web page dynamic, learn details of Java-scripting.
XML TutorialAn XML is standard for sharing data, learn XML and related technologies.

The theoretical computer science needs a rigorous mathematical check. Each theory in computer science must be proved using a technique such as mathematical induction, etc. Traditional math is also used in computer science, but discrete mathematics is popular and directly affect computer field.

Discrete MathematicsThis contains math related to computer science such as sets, graphs, relations, mathematical induction and so on.
Engineering MathematicsLearn about general mathematical concepts and practice problems. The tutorial is divided into two section – pre-calculus and calculus.

Learning computer programming is not possible without lot of practice and problem-solving. Keeping that in mind, we provide a list of example programs for each programming languages. The requirement to run this programs is mentioned on each example page clearly.

Example Programs
C ExamplesA list of  C example programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.
C++ ExamplesA list of C++ example programs.
Java ExamplesSimple Java practice programs.
Visual Basic 6 ExamplesList of simple visual basic 6 projects.
JavaScript ExercisesThis contains a list of basic JavaScript practice exercises.

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