Dear Reader,

I am Girish, an online educator.

This page is story behind Notesformsc website. In the year 2017, when I was attending Anna University, a group of student including me decided to start a blog to share study note and other information within the class room.

The blog turn out to be very useful for students and as I added more content, more and more people started benefiting from the website. Now thousands of users learn from our content 24/7. and it is a rewarding experience.

Vision and Mission

Its been 5 years , and now my site is one of the popular site in computer science education.

Notesformsc is about simplified learning , think of it as your notebook with lot of study guides and notes, which you can refer anytime online as part of your education.

My vision is to promote computer science, programming and math education and the mission is to reach 10 million people through our contents including YouTube channel.

Soon, we have our own app , and different types of study material for everyone to have a better learning experience.


Even if you are new , you can learn a lot from our contents. Our site is very transparent in what we provide, and it is going to be free forever.

Since, developing content is hard task especially when you want to increase quality, we are not trying to perfect and frequently update our tutorials whenever possible

. If you don’t see any content for a specific topic, it will be available in due course.

Learning And Teaching Method

Through my experience, I can tell you that the only way to take benefit from your learning is to master what you learn. Therefore, my approach to learning and teaching online is using mastery learning.

In this mastery learning approach, you take a topic and take 360 degree view of the subject, meaning learn everything possible about the topic.

Practice is so hard that you are better than everyone else.

You see this method, looks beyond grades and other assessment techniques. Application of knowledge what I am looking for.

As a student, you mastery of subject matter will give you unlimited confidence to attended any challenge and face tough interviews with ease.

Financial Support

To keep our site running and improve the infrastructure, we ran Google AdSense ads and some sell some books through affiliate links.

So, if you buy a book from our site, it will help Notesformsc financially and we can scale our site for the benefit of students such as you.

In the end, I thank you for visiting Notesformsc, if you like the site, please Subscribe and Share with others.

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