VB 6 – Sqr() Function

In VB 6, the sqr() function gives the square root of any number. The argument for the sqr() function must be a Double mean a real number. In the example program below, we accept a number and return its square root. Program Code: Sqr() Function Output: Sqr() Function

VB 6 – Exp () Function

The Exp() function is antilogarithm. Suppose there is a number 1000 which is 103 and its log value is 3. The the anti-log value of 3 is the number 1000. The VB 6 Exp(1) the value of constant e which is equal to 2.71828182845905 .Any value that gives result more than 709.782712893 will be an … Read more

VB 6 – Cos Function

The Cos function in VB 6 returns the cosine value of a degree. When you enter a degree value in the program, it gives you a real value, that is, the Cosine value. The program code is given below along with output. Program Code: Cos Function Output: Cos Function

VB 6 – Math Functions

In this article, you find a list of mathematical functions. The math functions are built-in feature of Visual Basic 6.0. Function Meaning Abs Find Absolute value Atn Find Arc tangent Cos Find Cosine of a given angle Exp Find Exponential value of a number Fix Fix places Int Return integer value Log Log Rnd Generate … Read more

VB 6 Collections

In the previous article, you learned about different types of loops and know about arrays. In VB 6, there is also a container called Collection. The collections are interesting because they have following properties: Can contain different data types Have their own index Have their own methods The collection have different types of methods to … Read more

VB 6 For … Each Loop

In the previous article, you learned about the For loop, however, there is another loop called For…Each loop similar to For loop. The For…Each loop is suitable to go through each item of a collection or an array. Syntax: For…Each Loop The syntax for the For..Each loop is given below. The keywords are very much … Read more

VB 6 For Loop

The For loop is another simple loop structure, which is different from other loops like Do loop and While Loop because it specifies a range before the loop could start. The syntax for the For loop is given below. Syntax Let us discuss the For loop structure. For – keyword indicating the type of loop … Read more

VB 6 – Choose() Function

The VB 6 Choose() function is another function that let you choose values based on an index. However, do not confuse it to be an array. The Choose () function is very useful in menu based program where you can display a menu and let user input there choice. When the user makes a choice, … Read more

VB 6 – Switch Function

The Switch() function works similar to If-Then-Else construct, but in a different way. The function checks few conditions and if one of the condition is passed, then the statement corresponding to that condition is evaluated or displayed. Syntax: Switch Function The syntax of the Switch() function is given below. The switch statement goes through each … Read more

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