Computer Organization

Computer systems are made of many components and each has a function. You can also call these components as functional units. Memory, CPU, Disks, Input-output devices are some examples of these functional units.


Computer organization is all about how these functional units are organized and how they interact with each other in an overall working of a computer system.


To learn computer organization and architecture, you must be familiar with fundamental concepts of digital design. Some understanding of computer system is necessary to get started.


CO Topics

Each topic below contains articles or lessons. You can start reading from top(easy) to bottom(difficult). You must be familiar with digital design concepts before learning from this tutorial.

Books Recommended

There are some books that will teach you both the fundamentals of digital logic and computer organization. Here is what we recommend to get started.

Note that these are affiliate link to another site and if you get these books, we earn a small commission.


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