Python Tutorial

Python is a interpreted, high level programming language created by Guido van Rossum and released in year 1991. Python is known for using white-space significantly and also, support a lot of programming paradigms such as

  • Procedural programming
  • Functional programming
  • Object-oriented programming

The current version of python programming language is known as Python 3.x which is completely different from its predecessor Python 2.x. If you learned python 2.x then you may have to relearn everything because there is little backward compatibility from Python 3.x to Python 2.x.

This tutorial aim to teach you python with respect to different programming paradigms.


There is not mathematical or programming experience required to learn from this tutorial. However, if you are interested in learning math and other computer science topics. Learn from our other tutorials. To learn from this tutorial, you need following

Python Software – You need to download the latest python software from website and install it on your computer.


Anaconda Python – Anaconda is an open-source python distribution that not only provide you with python software, but also, give you opportunity to organize your python projects and learn data science and machine learning.


Text Editor – Some programmers like to write their code in text editors and later run it separately. Python allows you to create your own file and save it using Python software or Anaconda Jupiter . But that does not stops from write your code in Windows Notepad, Notepad++ or Sublime Text. The choice is yours.

Python Topics

Here is the list of python topics. Learn from top to bottom order.

1. Python Setup

2. Programming Basics

3. Python Basics

4. Python Operators

5. Python Loops

6. Python Functions Related

7. Python String Related

8. Python Exceptional Handling

9. Python Data Structures

Recommended Books

Python language is one of the top 5 popular languages. There is plenty of job opportunities with this language only if you have true mastery. There is huge competition to learn this language among students.

One of the biggest advantage is that you get to upgrade you knowledge quickly to Machine learning, Data Science and Artificial intelligence which are currently hot topics.

Python books are definitely the best source to begin you python programming journey. You can learn at your own pace and master each an every topic under Python.

Here is the recommended book for you to get started.


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