JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript is a browser based scripting language inspired from Java language. Almost all browsers understand JavaScript codes and interpret them properly. In this JavaScript tutorial you will learn various concepts with examples.


There is a huge paradigm shift in JavaScript programming with the introduction of JavaScript in NodeJS with work with JavaScript on server-side. The main use of JavaScript programming is in web development. This language is improving day-by-day and with current ES6 standard it is very powerful.

The goal of JavaScript is to dynamically

  • Change the values of HTML DOM(document object model) elements such as <body>, <p>, <h1> , etc.
  • Handle events such as mouse events,keyboard events, and page events, etc.

About JavaScript Tutorial

This tutorial is written for academic purpose and it is for anyone interested in learning JavaScript from scratch. To learn this language you need to practice the examples on a PC using some kind of text editor. There are many tools available such as SublimeText, Notepad++, or Windows Notepad, etc.


It is expected that the students or learners must know how to operate a computer and write code in a notepad or any suitable text editor.

A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is prerequisite to learn from this tutorial. In case, you are not familiar with HTML and CSS. Visit our HTML tutorial and CSS tutorial section.

JavaScript Tutorial Topics

Start learning from top to bottom and go through each section and lessons within.

1. JavaScript Introduction

2. JavaScript Syntax/Data Types

3. JavaScript Operators

4. JavaScript Functions

5. JavaScript Flow Control

6. JavaScript Exceptional Handling

7. JavaScript Loops

8. JavaScript Strings

9. JavaScript Data Structures

10. JavaScript Events

11. JavaScript Object Model

12. JavaScript Regular Expressions


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