Data Structures

Data Structure is a particular arrangement of data used by computer programs to bring efficiency in execution. There are many types of data structures which can be broadly classified into linear or non-linear data structures.


The linear data structures are array, linked-lists, etc., and non-linear data structures are a tree, graph and so on. We intend to cover following topics in this tutorial.

Classic Data Structures
image source – Data Structures Using C
By R. Krishnamoorthy

About Data Structure Tutorial

There is no prerequisite to learn from this tutorial. But some experience with programming languages such as C/C++ can be helpful. This tutorial is intended for computer science students, programmers or professionals who want to refresh their basics and computer science teachers interested in learning concepts of a data structure.


The data structure tutorial is divided into several topics and each topic contains one or more lessons which you can read. Practice examples wherever possible because it will reinforce your learning.

Tutorial Topics

Here is a list of topics, ordered from top to bottom.


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