C++ Program for Sum of N numbers using Linked-List

Linked-list is a linear data structure that grows or shrinks dynamically. There are many benefits of using a linked-list like dynamic memory allocation.

This program uses linked-list to compute a sum of N numbers and then print the results. It is a demonstration of the linked-list program.


To understand this program, you must know C++ pointer concepts and that’s why this program is intended for intermediate level learners of C++ programming. Also, you will find the problem definition, flowchart, program code and a verified output to practice and learn this program.

The program is written using Dev-C++ version installed on a windows 7 64-bit system. You are free to use any other C++ compiler, however, you may need to change the program code according to compiler specifications.

Problem Definition

In this program, we use two important functions – create() and summation(). The function create() will create a linked-list and each node of this linked-list will store an integer value.

The function summation() will add all the values and store the result in a variable called total.

Flowchart – Sum using Linked-list

Flowchart – C++ Program to Compute Sum of N numbers using Linked-List

Program Code – Sum using Linked-list

[cc lang=”cpp” tab_size=”4″]/* Program to compute some of N number using a Link-List */


struct node{

int data;
node *next;

void create();
void summation();

int main()

// Call function Create() to build the list of numbers


// Call function summation() to node all number
//in each node and print the result



return 0;


//create() function definition

void create()

int n;
char ch;

cout << “How many nodes?:”; cin >> n;
cout << endl;

for(int i=0;i<n;i++) { node1 = new node; node1->next = head;
head = node1;

cout << “Enter data for node”<< i<<“:”; cin >> head->data;
cout << endl; } } //function summation definition void summation() { int total = 0; p = head; for(;p != NULL;p = p->next)

total = total + p->data;


for(int i=0;i<30;i++)
cout << “_”;cout << “\n\n”;

cout << “The Result is:”<< total << endl;

for(int i=0;i<30;i++)
cout << “_”;cout << “\n\n”;



Output – C++ Program for Sum of N numbers using Linked-List


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