Java Examples

Java is another general purpose programming language and supports object-oriented programming concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, etc.

Java was created by Sun Microsystems and since then many programmers use Java programming language to write network based applications and business applications. You can also write games using Java programming language.

A list of Java programs in given below for following purpose

  • 1. Learn to program in Java by practicing these programs.
  • 2. Learn the Java programming concepts using these examples.
  • 3. Write similar programs on your own.

Java Math Programs

This section consists of all programs that solve mathematical problems from simple algebra to advanced calculus.

Java Operators

This section you will find all programs that use Java operators like assignment, arithmetic, logical, bitwise shift, and so on.

Java String Programs

This section is for all types of string related programs in Java. It will consist of demos for different string classes.

Java Array Programs

This section consists of all programs and demos consisting of arrays in Java language. There are two types of arrays in Java – single dimension and two dimension.

Java Class & Object Related Programs

This section we will list all examples demonstrating Object-Oriented programming with Java and programs that are built using these principles. At the end of this section, we include some mini-projects in Java language.