Java Program to Demonstrate the Use of Arrays

This is a simple Java program to demonstrate the use of arrays. Arrays are very important concept in any programming language and Java is not very different. An array is a sequential arrangement of variables of same type that share same name.


Instead of declaring lot of independent variables of same type, you can declare a sequential order of variables that is manipulated using an index value.

We wrote this program with NetBeans 8.2 installed on a Windows 7 64-bit system and is intended for beginners of Java programming.


Problem Definition

There are many ways to declare an array in Java. This program demonstrates those declarations and assign values to the array and print the results.

All the declaration type is shown here none of them are superior to each other, but different ways to work with arrays for solving computing problems.

Program Code

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    package JavaExamples;

* @author Admin
public class ArrayDemo {

    public static void main(String[] args){

        int a[] = new int[5];
        int b[] = {2,3,4,5};

        int i;

        a[0] = 10;
        a[1] = 20;
        a[2] = 30;
        a[3] = 40;
        a[4] = 50;

        for(i = 0; i < 5;i++){

            System.out.println("a["+i+"]=" +a[i]);

        for(i =0 ; i < 4;i++){

            System.out.println("b["+i+"]=" + b[i]);

Output – Array Demo


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