Java Program Demonstrating usage of String-buffer Class and String-builder Class

In this article, we will create a program that uses both String-Builder and String-Buffer Class and displays the output. The main difference between these two class is that String-Builder Class is not threading safe like String-Buffer Class.


String-Buffer class objects are like String objects, but it can be modified at any time because it contains a sequence of characters.

This program is a basic introduction to the string-buffer and string-builder class. It is intended for beginner level learner of Java programming language.

Problem Definition

String-Buffer objects can be used with multiple threads. There are two important operations performed on String-Buffer class objects.


1. Append
2. Insert

String-Builder is like a replacement for String-buffer class instance. It also performs the same operation on data inputs. To create a program in Java that makes use of both String-Builder and String-Buffer Class use the following code.

Program Code

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package JavaExamples;

* @author Admin
public class StringBufferDemo {

public static void main(String[] args)
String s;
String p;
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(40);
StringBuffer sp = new StringBuffer(40);
int b = 40;
int a = 50;

s = sb.append("a = ").append(a).append("!").toString();
p = sp.append("b = ").append(b).append("!").toString();





Output of the above program is given below.

a = 50!


b = 40!



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