Find (TCP and UDP) Services and Port Numbers on Windows

This is a practical exercise for the computer network. In this article, you will find the services and port numbers for both UDP and TCP. You need an any Windows XP and above, up to Windows 7 to perform this exercise. Our goal for the exercise is to find the list of TCP and UDP services and port number on Windows computer.


This exercise is performed on a Windows 7 64-bit computer, for some high version windows such as Windows 10, the steps may be different.

The list of steps required to do this lab is as follows. Do not modify any files, otherwise, it will be fatal for your computer.

1. Open My Computer | Computer

2. Go to C:/ drive

3. Open Windows/System32/Drivers/etc

4. Open Services with Notepad.

5. View the Service name, Port/<UDP>|<TCP>

6. Self – Analyze your findings.


We will perform each of these steps and verify the contents of the Services File.

Step 1:

On a Windows 7 computer, click on Start.

Click Computer

You need to click Computer, and it will open and show your drives.

Step 2:

Open the drive that has Windows folder. This is normally the C:/ drive, but in this example, we have it installed on D:/ drive.

Open the D:/ Drive or Any Drive that has Windows Folder

Step 3:

Now that you have found Windows folder under C:/ or D:/ drive, go to D:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc.

The Windows/System32/Drivers/etc has important network related configurations

Step 4:

The next step is to open the Services file using Notepad program. You do not have to install Notepad, its builtin software on windows.

Open Services file with Notepad

When you try to open the file, you may get a dialog box like the one shown above. Select Notepad and Click OK to complete.

Step 5:

You will find a list of (TCP and UDP) services and port numbers supported by windows. Every windows computer has this registered ports and protocols, you will learn about these networking protocols and ports in our computer network tutorial.

The UDP and TCP protocols with port and an IP address make a network socket, which connects your computer to a network and start the communication. In other words, there is no socket, there is no network communication.

(TCP and UDP) Services and Port Numbers on Windows

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