Factors and Factoring Expressions

In the previous lesson, you learned about distributive law and how to use them to rewrite expressions. The distribution law applied on factored expression and it changes into distributed form. The factored form of expression is showing the function as a product of two simpler expressions which when multiplied will be in expanded form. In … Read more

Rewriting Expressions using Distributive Law

In the previous article, you learned about rewriting expressions using commutative law, associative law and sometimes with identity law.The expressions are sometimes presented in the form of product of simple expressions, and we can expand it my multiplying those expressions. One such method is distribution of multiplication over addition or subtraction. In this article, I … Read more

Rewriting Expressions using Math Laws

Previously, you learned about converting words to equations and expressions. You now know the difference between expression and equation.In this lesson, you will learn about rewriting expressions, using mathematical fundamental laws. If two expressions are written differently, are they equal ? That is the kind of question we are trying to answer here. I assume … Read more

XML Attributes

. Many times, the XML elements contains extra information. This extra information is stored in some new attributes. The attributes in XML are extra information that we provide for the elements. Element can have any number of attributes with unique names. But before that, we must describe how attributes look like and how to use … Read more

How to Convert Markdown Documents to PDF

A markdown is a markup language to write readable documents and later convert it into different formats. You can use markdown syntax to write formatted documents whose style is already predefined and get a clean readable document. Read my previous post on how to learn about markdown and how to use it. These markdown files … Read more

What is Markdown and How to Use It?

The Markdown is a light-weight markup language, that provide syntax for formatting text documents. A word processor is easy to text editor where you can format text what you see. That is why these applications are WYSIWYG editors. In the MS Word like application, you must format the text and changes are visible immediately. Markdown … Read more

XML Document Type Declaration

In the previous post, you learned about XML declarations in detail, now we look into the document type declarations. The document type declarations are optional entries that includes DTD for validating your documents, root element, and any entities that you want to declare. Syntax The syntax for XML document type definition is given below. The … Read more

XML Declaration

In the previous article, you learned the structure of a XML document and know that an optional prolog exists before any XML root element. The very first line is an XML declaration that tells the XML processor that the document is XML language and markup. Declaration Structure The following image describes the structure of XML … Read more

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