Rolling Dice Program

In this post, I will teach you to create a rolling dice program in visual basic 6. The program will consist of a single dice with six dots representing numbers between 1 to 6 and button to roll the dice. After you have clicked the rolling button, the dice will give you a random number … Read more

Simple Calculator Application in Visual Basic 6.0

In this post we will learn to create a simple calculator in Visual basic 6.0. It is a simple application project to help you learn Visual basic programming. Background Information The calculator application does simple arithmetic operations. You can construct an advanced calculator which need same kind of coding that we are going to use … Read more

Employees Record Management using VB 6.0 and MS Access Database

In this article, we will learn to create an application in Visual Basic 6.0 for Employee Record Management in an organization. The application does following tasks Insert, Delete, Update employee records. Compute the Gross Pay and Net Pay of each employee. Maintain records of departments for each employee. Each employee should be able to login … Read more

Payroll Processing System in VB 6 With Ms Access

In this example, we are going to create a payroll processing system in VB 6 with Ms Access as the database. To complete this project, you need a computer with windows operating system XP or higher installed, Visual Basic 6.0 software, and Microsoft Access program anything higher than Ms Access 2003 or higher. For the … Read more

Create A Report In VB 6 With MS Access Database

You can create reports from a database using visual basic 6. To create this project, you need visual basic 6.0, Microsoft Access 2003 and above, Windows XP and above as operating system. In this example project, we do the following Create a database with Microsoft Access Create a data project in visual basic 6 Connect … Read more

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