Java Variables

Previous Next Java variable is an identifier that store a value within the program. The value of the variable is stored in memory. Every Java variable has a scope and lifetime. Each variable must be declared, initialized before you use them. The general convention is to create unique, meaningful names for variables. Variable Declaration The … Read more

Java Program Elements

Previous Next Java program has a structure which is made of several elements. These elements are tokens, white-spaces, literals, comments, separators, and identifiers. Read next article to know the list of keywords in Java. Tokens Tokens are the smallest element in a Java source code. The Java compiler break source into lines of code whenever … Read more

How to Install NetBeans IDE 8.2 on Windows

Previous Next Netbeans is a popular Java Integrated Development Environment(IDE). It is a software tool to compile your java program, but real compilation is done using Java JDK behind the scenes. So, why install NetBeans IDE? because IDE manages you program files, classes within a programming project, support different languages and help in other management … Read more

Java Keyword List

Previous Next Keywords are reserved words in Java programming language. You cannot use these words for any other purpose such as variable names. The Java keywords are instructions to the compiler which interpret the meaning of these keywords and execute the command. Here is the list of commonly used keywords in Java language. Keyword Description … Read more

How to Write and Compile Your First Java Program

Previous Next Previously we discussed how to download and install java compiler. As a beginner, you need to practice a lot of programs to learn java programming language. The minimum requirement is a text editor program and Java SDK. Learn how to install a java compiler before you begin writing your programs. How to install … Read more

Java Program Structure

Previous Next Java is an object-oriented programming language but also retains all features of a high-level programming language. An object-oriented programming language is class-based where a class represents a real-world entity. The class itself does not do anything, but it is used to create objects that have properties and functions ( called methods) and it … Read more

How to Install Java Compiler

Previous Next This article will help you get started with Java programming. You need to practice writing Java programs and the minimum requirement is a Java compiler. A compiler is a software program that converts the program code or source code into machine code which a computer hardware can understand and execute. Before we begin … Read more

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