Engineering Mathematics

Engineering mathematics is a type of mathematics that is used in engineering and applied sciences. It is used in computer science as well. It helps to create mathematical models and these models solve engineering problems.


What do we learn in Engineering Mathematics?

Since, engineering math is a branch of applied mathematics, it is used with a specialized sciences from any engineering discipline.

In computer science, we learn linear algebra concepts, precalculus and calculus with advanced concepts like integration, differential equations and probability theory.

Why to learn Engineering Mathematics?

It depends on the goal of the learner whether to master mathematics or not. Computer science students more interested in programming and related topics do not learn mathematics, though we recommend they do.

Another group of students studies engineering math to build a solid foundation for research as a career option. Mastering mathematics will help them with research activities and provide them with an alternative career option.


finally, the benefit of learning engineering math is that it will open door for wide variety of opportunities in applied sciences.


There is no prerequisite to learn from the tutorial because we covered the basics in precalculus section. We are developing the tutorial currently which requires time.

So either you can start reading available study materials on our site or get good books to learn and practice.

Engineering Mathematics Tutorial Topics

Here is a list of engineering math topics. Start from the top of the list and move through each lessons.

Functions And Graphs

Rational And Polynomial Functions



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