VB 6.0 Tutorial

Visual Basic 6 is a popular GUI based programming language and very easy to learn.


There is two part in learning visual basic 6 – the visual design and the coding.

About Visual Basic 6 Tutorial

This is tutorial is for all type of audience will learn visual basic 6 programming. There is absolutely no prerequisite to learn from this tutorial.


However, you may need to install visual basic 6 software to practice the examples in the tutorial.

VB6 Tutorial Topics

Here is list of topics for Visual Basic 6.0. Read each lesson from top to bottom.

1 VB 6 Introduction

2 VB 6 Project Management

3 VB 6 Controls Management

4 VB 6 Form Management

5 VB 6 Language

6 VB 6 Conditionals

7 VB 6 Loops

VB 6 References

Recommended Books

To learn Visual Basic 6 on your own, you need to use our tutorial and good books for offline reading. Since, Visual Basic 6 is older program, its code is still useful because the newer version of visual basic uses the same coding principles. Therefore, for a newbie it is worth reading and learning Visual Basic 6 if you want to gain expertise in VB Scripting. It is a good starting point.


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