Visual Basic 6.0 Tutorial

Visual Basic 6 is a popular GUI based programming language and very easy to learn.

There is two part in learning visual basic 6 – the visual design and the coding.

About Visual Basic 6 Tutorial

This is tutorial is for all type of audience will learn visual basic 6 programming. There is absolutely no prerequisite to learn from this tutorial.

However, you may need to install visual basic 6 software to practice the examples in the tutorial.

VB6 Tutorial Topics

Visual Basic IntroductionVisual Basic Language
Visual Basic 6 Installation GuideVariable Declarations
Visual Basic basicsScope of VB 6 Variables
How to Write a VB 6 ProgramType Casting in VB 6
VB 6 Array
VB 6 Function
VB 6 Static Function
VB 6 String Handling
VB 6 ProjectsVB 6 Controls
Managing VB 6 ProjectsVB 6 Controls
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