Digital Design

Digital design is also called “Logic design”. The motivation behind the logic design is computer hardware. The computer hardware is analog and totally unrelated to software, programming or binary logic. Digital design help to build systems that can understand the logic (1 and 0). These systems consist of digital circuits.

The digital design contains principles, methods, and techniques to design and build digital circuits at a minimum cost. The design method of the circuit depends on what type of circuit you are building.

Digital design is also engineering because we are making a system with lot of digital logic circuits.

About Tutorial

This tutorial is for interested computer science students, professionals who want to review basics, and teachers, looking for new material to teach and improve their own knowledge.

There is no prerequisite to learn from the tutorial. You should read our tutorial and do problems from specific sections, to reinforce your learning.

Tutorial Topics

In this section, you will find topics for the digital design tutorial. Read each lesson from a specific topic and do the problems wherever necessary.


You will start with fundamental concepts of digital design and learn about number systems, how they are converted to other number systems, learn about the binary system and its use in computer systems.

Digital Codes

The decimal system is converted into various binary codes to convert decimal numbers and do computations. In this section, you will learn about decimal codes and binary-coded decimal.

Digital Logic

The fundamental element of a digital circuit is logic gates. You will learn about logic gates and its operations in this section.

Boolean Function Minimization

The logic circuits are designed using Boolean functions, but complex Boolean functions can increase the number of gates. In this section, you will learn to minimize the boolean function and still achieve the same circuit.

Combinational Circuits

The are many types of logic circuits, but certain circuits do not store any values. These are called combinational circuits. In this section, you will learn about various combinational circuits and their use.

Sequential Circuits

The sequential circuits are those circuits that have a memory unit with the circuit. In this section, you will learn about sequential circuits.


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