VB 6 Projects

Visual Basic 6 is a GUI based object-oriented programming language.

You can develop software with visual basic much faster than other programming languages. Visual basic follow the rapid application model also known as RAD model.
Doing projects is a great way to learn visual basic programming. A visual basic project not only gives you an idea about software development but also teaches you project planning and process involved in finishing the project successfully.


To take maximize your learning, you must complete these prerequisites because visual basic seems to be an easy programming language, but it is not.

  • VB 6 Tutorial – you must be familiar with VB IDE and coding practices before creating your first project. You can do this in two ways – one, visit our VB tutorial page or read a visual programming book.
  • VB 6 IDE – install visual basic 6 software to create your project. Read the Visual basic 6.0 installation guide.
  • Microsoft Access – this is necessary for connecting your project to a data source, only if its a project requirement. For some projects you can use Microsoft Excel or SQL as the data sources.

VB 6 Examples


Books can teach you lot of concepts and give you smaller programs to practice. You must complete them before moving on to larger projects such as given on this page. Read the reviews for the books before you decide to get them.

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