VB 6 Projects


Visual Basic 6 is a GUI based object-oriented programming language.

You can develop software with visual basic much faster than other programming languages. Visual basic follow the rapid application model also known as RAD model.

Doing projects is a great way to learn visual basic programming. A visual basic project not only gives you an idea about software development, but also teaches you project planning and process involved in finishing the project successfully.


To take maximize your learning, you must complete these prerequisites because visual basic seems to be an easy programming language, but it is not.

  • VB 6 Tutorial – you must be familiar with VB IDE and coding practices before creating your first project. You can do this in two ways – one, visit our VB tutorial page or read a visual programming book.
  • VB 6 IDE – install visual basic 6 software to create your project. Read the Visual basic 6.0 installation guide.
  • Microsoft Access – this is necessary for connecting your project to a data source, only if its a project requirement. For some projects you can use Microsoft Excel or SQL as the data sources.

VB 6 Examples

Recommended Books

Whether you are a student or self-learner, it is hard to learn programming without a good book. I recommend few good books here which has detailed information about Visual Basic 6.0 programming. It is also necessary because Microsoft has stopped supporting Visual basic 6; now they have more advanced version of visual basic in the form of VB.Net and other versions. However, the language of modern visual basic is more or less the same.

Visual Basic 6 from the ground up

Visual Basic 6 from the Ground Up – 2017

Learn to build your own commercial-quality application not just toy apps using this comprehensive,hands-on tutorial from expert author Gary Cornell,winner of the prestigious Readers’ Choice Award from Visual Basic Programmer’s journal. This best-selling guide for the beginning and intermediate programmer has been thoroughly revised and updated to cover the newest version of the world’s #1 visual programming tool. Using modular,step-by-step instructions,you will: Progress from elementary programming skills to marketable expertise. Learn object-oriented programming. Create VB Forms for use in Internet Explorer. Discover Visual Basic’s newest database features. Create sophisticated event-driven programs. Build you own special-purpose Internet Browser. Use the Visual Basic environment to develop programs. Discover how to distribute your programs. Unleash the power of graphics programming,OLE, and ActiveX.

VB 6 - Black Book

Visual Basic 6 Programming Black Book

The book completely explains the crucial Visual Basic tool set in detail. The book is designed to help save hours of time & perfect the best Visual Basic programming skills. From design tools to flowcharts, it covers everything from graphics & image processing, ActiveX controls, database development & data-bound controls. The book is packed with insights, programming tips and techniques, and real-world solutions. The CD contains demo copies of Coffee Cup HTML Editor++98, Quick Site, SQL-Station, Q-Diagnostic Software, and more.