Algebra I Review

Algebra I is also called the elementary algebra topics is essential to start your math journey. Often math learner finds it difficult to work on the math for computer science, this is due to conceptual errors or incomplete knowledge of basic math.


Introduction to Algebra Course

Welcome to Algebra 1 course. Algebra is fundamental topic of mathematics. It is the building block of higher mathematical concepts. After completing this course, you will be able to handle algebraic expression, solve inequalities and linear equations, understand and develop skills in graphing,
develop skill in factoring methods, manipulate rational expressions, and solve complicated problems in Algebra.

The course is divided into Units.

Unit 1

In the first unit you will study:

Fundamentals of algebraic expressions – in which you will understand what numbers, fractions and exponents are and how to graph them, and manipulate expressions.

Unit 2

In unit 2, you will study:

Inequalities and linear equations – where you will understand and skill to solve inequalities and linear equations. Also, the ability to graph them.

Unit 3

In Unit 3, you will study:

Basics of graphing – you will be able to identify different types of graphs, draw graphs of linear equation, and evaluate the slope of line.

Unit 4

In the unit 4. you will study:

fundamentals of polynomial and polynomial arithmetic – you should be able to identify a polynomial from other types of expression, simplify, and perform basic arithmetic operation on them.

Unit 5

In unit 5, you will study about :


Methods of Factoring – where you will learn the skill of different methods of factoring.

Unit 6

In unit 6, you will learn skill of:

Solving Rational equations – You will be able to simply and perform arithmetic operations on rational equations and solve them.

Unit 7

In Unit 7, you will study:

System of equations – it is mainly about solving the linear equations through graphing or by using elimination techniques.

Unit 8

The Unit 8, is about:

Radical expressions and equations – you will learn how to solve complex rational expression and equations in this unit.

Unit 9

In Unit 9, which is the last unit, you will study:

Quadratic equations – here you will understand, solve a quadratic equation using various techniques, and identify different functions.

Each of the unit is divided into several lessons and there are some books I have recommeded to learn if you are interested in exploring more on these topics. The link is given in the description.

To check your learning, each lesson, also has a quiz, so that you can check you understanding.


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