XML Processing

XML creates documents that other applications can use, any program that can read and process XML document is called an XML processor. There are so many examples of XML processors. The examples are: Web Browsers XML Editors Validity Checkers Data archiving systems and so on. XML Parser A parser is the fundamental XML processor that … Read more

XML Document Style

XML documents are used for human viewing too. However, when you access the XML document in a web browser, it will not display the content as HTML page do. Though both are markup languages. XML Raw Data XML do not have style information and show the row data which is little difficult to understand. The … Read more

XML Document Modeling

As you know already that XML is extensible markup language that help display information, store information in meaningful format, and transport information for applications and humans. When we talk about documents, then first thing come to our mind is articles, books that are organized in chapters, sections, paragraphs, etc. That is only in the traditional … Read more

What is Markup ?

Markup is to identify parts of document for display or to provide meaning to the content of a document. Here the document is different from the traditional document, which means we are referring to electronic documents. Here the electronic document with markup is made of elements, not just the files stored in the disk as … Read more

Words to Equations

In the previous article, you learned about building blocks of expression, then translated phrases to expressions.Before we begin try to answer these questions. I will tell you the answers at the end of this video. First Question is: Identify the equality operators in the following. a. + b. x c. = d. / How many … Read more

Words to Expressions

Before we start with this lesson. Here are some questions to test yourself about this new topic. Q1. Identify the variables and constants in following expression. Q2. What is quotient of 25 and 5? Q3. Identify whether following is an expression or an equation. Try to answer them on your own, and I will tell … Read more

Fundamentals of Algebraic Expressions

What is algebraic expression? What are the fundamental building blocks of algebraic expression? How do expressions help us solve problems? How to manipulate algebraic expressions? These are some questions that we tried to answer in Unit 1 of this algebra course. In this video, I will introduce you to the lesson that we cover in … Read more