Rapid Development Model – The Big Picture

Rapid Development Model (RAD) is an incremental software development process model which focus on developing a software in short development cycle say 60-90 days.
When the software development is that intense and the duration is short, then two things happen.
  1. RAD model uses component-based development of software, ready-made software components are used for building the software product, otherwise writing code within a short span requires a huge effort.
  2. The customer also becomes part of the development team at the beginning, but not beyond the certain time limit.


Rapid Development Model (RAD)
Rapid Development Model (RAD)

Limitations of RAD process model

There are a few limitations of Rapid Development model.
  1. Requires sufficient human resource.
  2. A large project needs lot of people because of the need to finish the product in 60 – 90 days.
  3. Need commitment and efficient customer and developers who could deliver.
  4. Does not fit for all kind of development, because modular development and component-based development is a must.
  5. Even we cannot develop a product that needs to give a good performance.
  6. Not a good model when a project has a high technical risk.


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