VB 6 – Choose() Function

The VB 6 Choose() function is another function that let you choose values based on an index. However, do not confuse it to be an array. The Choose () function is very useful in menu based program where you can display a menu and let user input there choice.


When the user makes a choice, the value corresponding to the choice is returned and stored in another variable. Let us see the syntax for Choose () function.

Dim Variable As String
Variable = Choose(indexNo, "Value1", "Value2", "Value")

The value in the above program could be numbers. We have chosen the string type to demonstrate the usage.


Example Program: Choose() Function

In this example, we will read an input number and based on the input, the program will find the name of the student and display it on the screen.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim indexNo As Integer
Dim Student As String

indexNo = -1

indexNo = InputBox("Enter a Number between 1 - 5, Enter 0 to end")

If indexNo >= 1 Then

Student = Choose(indexNo, "Peter", "Ram", "Mary", "Abdul", "Lee")

End If

If indexNo = 0 Then


End If

MsgBox ("Student Name is" & " " & Student)

End Sub

User Input

Input - Choose() Function
Figure 1 – Input – Choose () Function

Output: Choose () Function

The output of the program is the name of the student whose index number matches in the Choose() function.

Output - Choose Function
Figure 2 – Output – Choose Function


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