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VB 6 Managing Projects

Visual basic open a project in design view where you can modify project properties like project name and description, version information, and other similar attributes. Managing VB 6 projects is easier than you may think.

The project tab in the visual basic standard toolbar contains project properties which allow us to change settings related to a visual basic project.

You can also add predefined forms, menus, and modules to your project using the visual component manager. A menu in the visual component manager can be reused in many different forms. Not an only menu, but you can add other types of components like class, modules, media forms, reports, documents, etc.

Naming a Visual Basic 6 Project

To name a visual basic project you must:

  • Specify a project name when you save the project file. Every project creates a .vbp file and requires user-specified name before you save it to a disk.
  • Specify a project name from project properties under the project tab.


We want to set the project name as MyFirstVBProgram. To set this name, go to project tab > select project properties > under general tab > project name, type the name for your project and a description under project description section.

Project Properties - Naming a Project
Project Properties – Naming a Project

Project Version Version Information

Larger vb projects need to keep version numbers and version information such as company name, software product name, license information, copyright information, legal trademarks, comments, etc.

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