VB 6 For … Each Loop

In the previous article, you learned about the For loop, however, there is another loop called For...Each loop similar to For loop.


The For...Each loop is suitable to go through each item of a collection or an array.

Syntax: For…Each Loop

The syntax for the For..Each loop is given below.

For Each element In group
[Exit For] [Statements]
Next [element]

The keywords are very much similar to for loop but with a difference that the For...Each loop is suitable for array.

Example Program: For…Each Loop

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim NumArray(2) As String
NumArray(0) = "Ram"
NumArray(1) = "Jaya"
NumArray(2) = "Bruce"
For Each ArrayItem In Num Array
MsgBox (ArrayItem)
Next ArrayItem
End Sub

The above program goes through each item of the array and display the result.

Output – For…Each Loop

In the program above, each time you click on the “OK” button, a different name from the array is displayed.

Output - For Each Loop
Figure 1 – Output – For Each Loop


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