VB 6 String Handling

Earlier you learned about the string data type. The VB 6 language has many functions to handle string types. In this article, we will present the list of those functions with examples.

There are two types of strings in VB 6 programming.

  • Variable length strings
  • Fixed length strings

To declare variable length string you can use following syntax.

'variable length string declaration
Dim myStr as String  
'fixed length string declaration
Dim myFixedStr as String * 20

You can notice that we are using asterisk (*) to specify the length of the string which is 20 characters.

String Handling Functions in VB 6

String FunctionsDescription
StrComp()Compares two strings
StrConv()Convert strings
Format(), LCase, UCaseConvert A string to lowercase
or uppercase
Space(), String()Create strings
Len()Get the length of the string
FormatFormat a string
LSet, RSetJustify a string
InStr, Left, Mid, Right, Trim,
LTrim, RTrim
Manipulate strings
Option Comparestring comparison values
Asc, ChrUse ASC II and ANSI values
String Handling Functions