VB 6 Type Casting


Type casting in VB 6 means converting from one data type to another. The VB 6 language allows type conversion using functions.

Here is a list of functions with their description.

ChrANSI to string
Format, LCase, UCaseString to Lowercase or Uppercase
DateSerial, DateValueDate to Serial Number
Hex, OctDecimal to Hexadecimal or Oct
Format, StrNumber to Str
CBool, CInt, CByte, CLng,CCur, CDate, CDec, CSng, CVar, CStr,CVErr,CDbl, Fix, IntConvert from a data type to another
Day, Month, Weekday, YearDate to Day, Month, Weekday, or Year
Hour, Minute, SecondTime to Hour, Minute, or Second
AscString to ASCII value
TimeSerial, TimeValueTime to Serial number
ValString to number

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