Understanding Python Dictionary

Python has multiple data structures, and Dictionary is one of them. This tutorial will take you through every aspect of the dictionary data structure in Python language. What is a Dictionary in Python? When Python was launched, Dictionary was introduced as an unordered collection of items. However, later with Python 3.7 launch, Dictionary was made … Read more

Python Operators Examples

The python operators are used to evaluate expressions. An expression consists of values and operators which always evaluates to a single value. The python operators are classified in following types. Program 1: Write a program to demonstrate the working of python arithmetic operator. Solution: Solution: Program 2: Write a program to demonstrate the working of … Read more

Python Data Types Examples

Data types are fundamental to programming languages and they define the type of values get stored in a python variable. Here you will practice python data types which are similar to other programming languages, yet python don’t have strict type checking like C++, Java, etc. Strict type checking means the you need to declare the … Read more

Python Examples

Python is a high level language and you as a learner must practice a lot to master this programming language. Here we provide you examples to practice with solutions. You must install the python 3x compiler suitable for your computer and practice programming as you learn python. To learn the python language visit our Python … Read more

Python Variable Examples

This post contains python variable examples. You can start with first example and work your way through rest of the programs. For each program the solution is provided after the source code. You must try to write the program yourself and compare the results later. Program 1: Write a program to display the value of … Read more

Python Strings

Python string is a data structure that holds list or a string of characters. These characters could be a single letter a number symbol or special character Unicode The letters are both lowercase and uppercase which we human can understand. The capital 'A' for us is same as lowercase 'a' The Unicode is a universal … Read more

Python Built-in Methods

Earlier you learned about functions and built-in functions. One of the built-in function is print() function. In this article, you will learn about python built-in methods. There are two types of methods in python. One that comes from python modules and built-in methods. The python module will have function definition which you can use after … Read more

Python Mutable vs. Non-Mutable Data Types

In this article, you will learn about python mutable vs. non-mutable date type and how they affect passing of arguments to the function. In the previous article, you learned about passing arguments by reference and passing arguments using values. The choice of passing arguments depends on the data type. Mutability is the ability of variable … Read more

Python Nested Try-Catch

In earlier lessons, you learned about try-catch-else-finally blocks. In this article, you will learn that we can put a try-catch block inside another try-catch block. Therefore, there can be more than one level of python nested try-catch blocks. Understanding Nested Try-Catch Each of these try-catch will handle different exceptions. Earlier we have seen exceptions at … Read more

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