Fundamentals of Algebraic Expressions

What is algebraic expression? What are the fundamental building blocks of algebraic expression? How do expressions help us solve problems? How to manipulate algebraic expressions? These are some questions that we tried to answer in Unit 1 of this algebra course. In this video, I will introduce you to the lesson that we cover in this unit.


Contents of Unit 1

In this unit, you will study about:

  1. tranlate word problems into algebraic expressions.
  2. translate word problems into equations.
  3. Rewrite expressions using fundamental math laws.

There will be a gentle introduction to these fundamental laws to help you understand the rest of the lessons. The next lesson is:

  1. Factor using distributive law.
  2. Prime factorization of expressions.

The lesson four and five, give the basic idea of factorization process and it is most important skill in algebra.

  1. Fractions and fraction arithmetics.

Here you can visualize the idea of fraction, with other important skill you will learn in this lesson. The next is:

  1. Real numbers and subsets of real numbers.
  2. Identify and solve absolute values.
  3. Arithmetic with or without number line.
  4. Word problems for negative and positive numbers.

The real numbers are the foundation of number system we have, and you will appreciate the use of negative and positive numbers in lesson 7 to 10.
Next lessons are:

  1. Combine like terms in an expression.
  2. Additive inverse in Subtraction.
  3. Word problems for subtraction.
  4. Multiply and Divide Real numbers.

The lesson 11 to 14 is all about performing fundamental math operations on real numbers. The next lessons are:

  1. Using exponential notations in expressions.
  2. Order of operations on expression.
    and last lesson in this unit is:
  3. Simplifying expression using distributive law.

The last three lesson which is, from lesson 15 to 17 is where you develop the skill of simplifying and evaluating expression.

To explore more, I suggest you reading few algebra textbooks.


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