Words to Equations

In the previous article, you learned about building blocks of expression, then translated phrases to expressions.
Before we begin try to answer these questions. I will tell you the answers at the end of this video.


First Question is:

Identify the equality operators in the following.

a. + b. x c. = d. /

How many of the following is an algebraic expression?

a. 3 – 2
b. 5d – r
c. 6 + 4
d. 7d

Question three is: What is an equation?

You can watch the previous video to answer some of these questions.
In this video, you are going to learn about:

what are equations?
English words that indicate equations.
Translating phrases to equations.

You know that an expression is combination of variables, constants and operators.
For example.

The sum of x and 5 can be translated to x + 5.

But,note that it is not a complete sentence.

What if we say “The sum of x and 5 is 15.”

This is a complete sentence and shows that x + 5 is equal to some other expression which is 15.

When two or more expressions give same result, we put an equal sign between them, it is called an equation.

for example.

x + 5 = 3x + 1

If x = 2,
then both side of the equation will evaluate to 7.

which means 7 = 7. That’s why its an equation.

There are so many English words that mean equality between two expressions. These words are:

is equal to
is same as
will be


You can use these words to link expressions and make sentence equations.

For example.

23 plus 17 is 40.
6 is same as 5 + 1.
The product of 3 and 4 will be 12.

Sometimes you get sentence equations and asked to translate them into algebraic equations.

For example.
Translate the following

The quotient of 24 and 6 is 4.

The product of 5 and 6 is same as 12 + x.

The first equation is division of 24 by 6 which is an expression and equal to a number 4 which is a numeric expression. You can write it as 24 / 6 = 4.

The second word equation has expression 5 multiplied to 6 which is 30 equal to another expression 12 + x.

You can write it as: (5)(6) = 12 + x.

If you don’t want to write (5)(6) , then you can replace it with number 30 which is the product of 5 and 6.

Let us answer the questions that we asked in the beginning of the video.

Identify the equality operators in the following.

a. + b. x c. = d. /

The equal to operator is the right answer. When you want to compare two equal quantities, use equal to operator, this form the basis for equations.

Qestion 2 is: How many of the following is an algebraic expression?

a. 3 – 2
b. 5d – r
c. 6 + 4
d. 7d

There are two algebraic expressions in the given choices. An algebraic expression has variables , represented by some english letters, so 5d – r and 7d are algebraic expressions.

Question three is: What is an equation?

After completing the lesson, you must know that when two expressions are equal then they are separated by the equal sign called an equation. when we evaluate the equation, we must get same value on both side of the equality operator.


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