C Program to Reverse a Number using Recursion

The program uses recursion to reverse an input number. A function is recursively called to extract each digit from the number and place it in reverse order. The final output is a reversed number. We wrote the program using Dev C++ version on a Windows 7 64-bit system. You must be familiar with following … Read more

C Program To Identify A Quadrilateral

The program to identify a quadrilateral read inputs – length of sides and angles made by the quadrilateral shape and prints the shape name as output. We compiled the program using Dev-C++ compiler installed on a windows 7 64-bit system. You may try another standard C compiler, but make sure to modify the code according … Read more

C Program For Law Of Sine Problems

With the law of sine, you can find any unknown angle of a given triangle or the length of a particular side of a triangle or the length of a particular side of a triangle. This is a fundamental concept of trigonometry. We used Dev-C++ to compile the program, but you may use any other … Read more

C Program To Count Frequency Of Vowels

The C program to count the frequency of vowels, consonants and white spaces for a given word or a sentence is a string manipulation program. A C loop with conditions that checks the given input string and count the number of vowels, consonants, and white spaces. We compiled this program using Dev-C++ compiler installed on a … Read more

C Program To Display Student Results

The C program to display student results demonstrates the working of conditional statement in the C language. The program takes student’s marks in percentage (%) as input , process the input value and displays the results (pass or fail) as output. The output depends on the conditional statement in the example program. Learn C programming … Read more

C Program for Sum of First N Natural Numbers

The program adds first N natural numbers (starts from 1) and prints the sum in the console. We wrote this program using Dev C++ version on a Windows 7 64-bit system.  You may try other standard C compilers to run the program with modifications. Learn following c programming concepts before you attempt this example … Read more

C Program To Compute Nth Fibonacci Number

The program computes Nth Fibonacci number using a technique called recursion and prints the results. A recursion is the ability of a procedure or function to call itself several times. You can write the program without recursion, but computer science students learn Fibonacci series as an introduction to recursion or recurrence relations. It is a … Read more

C Program For A Simple Calculator

This example program accepts two input numbers and performs an arithmetic operation such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and mod operation on them. The output is printed to the console. Learn following C programming concepts before trying this example on your computer. C Assignment Operators C Variables and Constants C Flow Control Structures C Functions … Read more

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