Rewriting Expressions using Math Laws

Previously, you learned about converting words to equations and expressions. You now know the difference between expression and equation.In this lesson, you will learn about rewriting expressions, using mathematical fundamental laws. If two expressions are written differently, are they equal ? That is the kind of question we are trying to answer here. I assume … Read more

Words to Equations

In the previous article, you learned about building blocks of expression, then translated phrases to expressions.Before we begin try to answer these questions. I will tell you the answers at the end of this video. First Question is: Identify the equality operators in the following. a. + b. x c. = d. / How many … Read more

Words to Expressions

Before we start with this lesson. Here are some questions to test yourself about this new topic. Q1. Identify the variables and constants in following expression. Q2. What is quotient of 25 and 5? Q3. Identify whether following is an expression or an equation. Try to answer them on your own, and I will tell … Read more

Fundamentals of Algebraic Expressions

What is algebraic expression? What are the fundamental building blocks of algebraic expression? How do expressions help us solve problems? How to manipulate algebraic expressions? These are some questions that we tried to answer in Unit 1 of this algebra course. In this video, I will introduce you to the lesson that we cover in … Read more

Algebra I Review

Algebra I is also called the elementary algebra topics is essential to start your math journey. Often math learner finds it difficult to work on the math for computer science, this is due to conceptual errors or incomplete knowledge of basic math. Introduction to Algebra Course Welcome to Algebra 1 course. Algebra is fundamental topic … Read more

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