Introduction To Exponential Functions

In this post, I am going to introduce you to the concept of exponential functions. A function that use exponents is the exponential function and it has many uses while calculating growth. You can determine, how fast something is growing with these kinds of functions. When it comes to calculating growth of something like population, … Read more

Rational Functions

Rational functions are special functions that you cannot call polynomials, but are obtained by dividing polynomials. In other words, they are the quotients of the polynomial division. A rational function is of form where and are polynomials and . The domain of rational function can be any real numbers except those that makes . Example … Read more

Dividing Polynomial Functions

You can divide a polynomial just like numbers and dividing a polynomial will give an expression as quotient and remainder. The polynomial you are going to divide must have more terms than the divisor, else the division will not be fruitful. In this article, you will learn about polynomial long division and synthetic division techniques. … Read more

Quadratic Functions

Certain functions are symmetric in nature and quadratic function is one of them. If you remember from previous articles, we classified the functions as even and odd which means even functions are symmetric over y-axis and odd functions are symmetric over x-axis in a 2d coordinate plane. What is a quadratic function ? A quadratic … Read more

Polynomial Functions

In this article, you will learn about a special function called polynomial function. You can think of polynomials as an expression made of variables, exponents, and constants. Here the number of terms are important, hence, the name “Poly” which means “many” and “nomial” means “terms”. Standard Form The standard form of polynomial function is in … Read more

Understanding Limits and Continuity

Limits and continuity of function is where calculus topics starts, however, to know calculus you must complete all lessons of pre- calculus with examples. Limit of a function is a certain value that a function approaches, whereas a function is said to be continuous when the function has no breaks or drawn without taking the … Read more

Complex Numbers

Complex numbers are extended number system. The motivation behind complex number is that there is no solution to negative roots. Consider the equation , there is no that can satisfy this equation. Powers Of Imaginary Number i Therefore, the imaginary number is introduced as the solution to . Now, it is possible to find square … Read more

Equations of Circle

In this article, you will learn about distance formula , midpoint , and equations of circle. The circle is a geometric shape that has a special significance in mathematics. To study the circle, in algebraic form, we need to define it in terms of coordinates in a 2d coordinate system also known as Cartesian coordinate … Read more

Inverse Functions

In the previous article, you learned about composite function, in this article, you will learn about inverse functions. The term “inverse” means to “undo” something and which is what the “inverse” of a function do. If a function find the value for an value, the inverse of the function does the opposite, meaning it finds … Read more

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