JS: Join() Method

The <span style="color:#a30500" class="tadv-color">join()</span> method from string class, join the characters or words of a string.


This method is useful in some operations where we have to split the string into an array. The<span style="color:#a30500" class="tadv-color"> join()</span> will concatenate it into a string again.

The example program for join operation is given below.

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <title>JS: join() Method</title>
   <meta charset="utf-8">
var name = "woodchuck";
//split the string into a character array
var split_name = name.split('');
//join the characters together to form string
var out = split_name.join('');
//output = ['w','o','o','d','c','h','u','c','k']
//output = 'woodchuck'

The above script will join the character only, However, if you want to join words use a <span style="color:#a30000" class="tadv-color">join(' '); </span>

You must add more white space in<span style="color:#a30000" class="tadv-color"> join()</span> method. The following code will show the difference.

string = ['h','e','l','l','o','','w','o','r','l','d'];

//output = "helloworld"

string.join(' ');
//output = 'hello world'

//output = h=e=l=l=o=w=o=r=l=d


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