JS: slice() Method

The<span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color"> slice()</span> method is part of JavaScript Array class. It extract certain elements from an array and returns a new array.

There are different ways to select elements using <span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color">slice()</span> in JavaScript.

The<span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color"> slice()</span> method takes two parameters – start index and the end index of an array. It does not include the last element while returning a new array.

Examples of slice() method

In these examples, we will extract from an array using different forms of <span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color">slice()</span> syntax.

// declare the array
myArray = ["one", "two", "three", "four"];
// only start index is mentioned
var result1 = myArray.slice(2);

The <span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color">slice() </span>method will start extracting from index 2 and since the end index is not mentioned, it will extract the rest of elements from the array. The result of the above program is given below.

["three", "four"]

In the next example, we will mention both start as well as end index value. Here is the example script.

// declare the array
myArray = ["one", "two", "three", "four"];
// both start index and end index is mentioned
var result = myArray.slice(1,3);

The array start with index <span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color">1 </span>of the array. At index <span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color">1</span>, the element is “two” and ends with index 2 because the end value 3 in <span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color">slice(1,3)</span> is not included.

The output is as follows.

Sometimes you want to extract elements starting from end to start of the array. It is also known as negative index.

// declare the array
myArray = ["one", "two", "three", "four"];
// negative index starts from -1
var result = myArray.slice(-3,-1);
document.body.innerHTML = result;

The negative index starts from <span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color">-1</span>. The element at<span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color"> -1 </span>position is “<span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color">three</span>” in the above example array.

You cannot use index <span style="color:#cf2e2e" class="tadv-color">0 </span>because it is a positive index and starts from beginning of the array.

The output of the above code is as follows.

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