C++ Local Functions

A function is declared globally above the main function, or within the main function. You can also declare a function inside another function in C++. In this article, you will learn to declare, define and call a local function.


Local Function Declaration

Like every other function, a local function must be declared within the body of another function. You must declare the return type, number of parameters and their type.

For example,

void account()


    int total;

    int bill1, bill2;

    int add_bills(int , int );

//Initialization of variables

    bill1 = 2000;

    bill2 = 5000;

    total = 0;

//Compute total bill amount

    total = add_bills( bill, bill2);

//Print results

    cout << "Total Amount =" << "" << total << endl;


//Definition of function add_bills()

int add_bills( int bill1, int bill2)

    return(bill1 + bill2);


The function add_bills() is a local function with proper declaration, definition and function call. The function add_bills() adds the bill1 and bill2 and return their sum.

You can add any number of local functions in your program as long as they do not violate the rules of C++ functions.


Recursive Functions

The recursive function is a special case of local function where a function calls itself several times until the programming problem is solved.

See the following figure for the general structure of a recursive function.

Recursive Function
Recursive Function

The function factorial calls itself recursively because each call to factorial will also call itself until the value of n becomes 0. The value of n is decreasing with each iteration.

Example Program:

/*Program to compute Nth factorial */

#include <cstdlib>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int fact (int n)

    unsigned int f;

    if ((n == 0) || (n == 1))

        return (n);


        /* Compute factorial by Recursive calls */

        f = n * fact (n - 1); 

        return (f);


main ()

    int i, n;

    /* Reading the number */

    cout << "Enter the Number :";

    cin >> n;
    /* Printing results */

    cout << "Factorial of Number" << n <<" is " << fact (n) << endl;

    system ("PAUSE");

    return 0;



Enter the Number: 5
Factorial of Number 5 is 120


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