C/C++ Keywords

The keywords are identifiers that cannot be used as variables. These are reserved words used as instructions in a C/C++ program.


In this article , we have listed all the common keywords used in C/C++ language with a short description of each.

Keyword Language Description
autoC/C++Auto storage class
break C/C++Break a loop or block
caseC/C++Part of switch-case
charC/C++Declares char type
constC/C++Declares a constant
continueC/C++Continue a loop
defaultC/C++Default switch-case
doC/C++Do-while loop
doubleC/C++Double data type
elseC/C++If-else block
enumC/C++Enumeration type
extern C/C++External storage class
floatC/C++Float data type
forC/C++For loop
gotoC/C++Jump between blocks
ifC/C++If block
int C/C++Integer data type
longC/C++Long data type
register C/C++Register storage class
return C/C++Returns a value
short C/C++Short data type
signedC/C++Data type with sign
sizeofC/C++Returns sizeof variable
static C/C++Static storage class
structC/C++Declare a structure
switchC/C++Switch-Case block
typedefC/C++User-defined type
unionC/C++Declare a union
unsignedC/C++Unsigned data type
voidC/C++Void means no type
volatileC/C++Variables stored in
volatile memory
while C/C++While loop

The above keywords are common to both C and C++. See the list below for C++ specific keywords. C++ programming has more keywords because it supports object-oriented programming (OOP).

KeywordLanguage (C++)Description
asmC++gives ability to add assembly language code in C++ program
catchC++part of try-catch block used for exception handling
classC++declare a class
deleteC++delete an object
friendC++declare friend function
inlineC++declare a code or block inline
newC++create object dynamically with new
operatorC++used to overload C++ operators
privateC++visibility of class member set to private
protectedC++visibility of class member set to protected
publicC++visibility set to public
templateC++declares a template
thisC++reference to current class, where this is used
throwC++throws a message, result of an exception and it is default or user-defined.
tryC++exception handling using try block
virtualC++declare a function abstract using virtual, no implementation required for such a function.

New sets of keyword is added by ASCI C++ which are listed in the following table.

KeywordLanguage (ASCI C++)Description
boolC++Boolean type with true or false value
const_castC++take away the constant-ness of an object.
dynamic_castC++cast the type at runtime
explicitC++used with explicit constructors
exportC++used before template definition in C++
falseC++Boolean value
mutableC++storage class
namespaceC++functions, variables, and classes all can come under namespaces.
reinterpret_castC++integral type to pointer type conversion and vice-versa
static_castC++cast type easily at compile time
trueC++Boolean value
typeidC++returns a typeinfo object
typenameC++used with C++ template
usingC++tells the namespace the C++ program uses
wchar_tC++wide character type

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