C++ Programming

C++ File Stream Classes

File streams are the libraries which are utilized in programming. These use the iostream preferred standard library because it offers cin and cout strategies which are used for analyzing from the input and writing to the output respectively.  A file is a collection of associated data stored in a particular area on a disk. The …

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C++ Virtual Functions

In this article, you are going to learn about an important concept in C++ called the virtual functions and pure virtual functions. However, it is recommended that you learn about basics of pointer, classes and derived classes before reading further. What is Virtual Function?  A virtual function is a special type of member function that …

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Preprocessor In C++

Understanding c preprocessor includes the source code which is  written by programmers is stored in the file “program.c”. The file that is stored then processed by preprocessors and an expanded source code file is generated as named program. This expanded file is compiled by the compiler and an object code file is generated as named …

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C++ Reference Variable

C++ language allows you to create a new type of variable called reference variable. What Is A Reference Variable ? A variable that store values is called a value variable. The C++ reference variable is an alias for a value variable. It refers to the memory location of the value variable like pointer. Any changes …

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C++ String Basics

C++ strings store textual information. The string variable has a sequence of characters enclosed by double quotes. In C++ string basics, we cover following topics. Types of strings How to initialise strings ? How to read input strings ? Types Of Strings A string is a character array terminated by a null (\0)character. The C++ …

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