Python Function With No Parameters, With Return

In this article, you will learn about functions that does not take any parameters, but does return a value. The returned value can be used for further computation.


Function That Returns Sum of a List of Numbers

In this example, you will create a list of numbers and then sum the numbers in the list and return the value to main program for outputting.

# Program that returns sum of a list of Numbers

my_list = [23,44,66,74,23]

# Function definition 
def add_list():
    sum = 0
    for list_item in my_list:
         sum = sum + list_item
    return sum
# Function call 
result = add_list()
print("The Sum is", result)

The output of the above program is given below. Note that the my_list is global variable, therefore, it is accessible by the function.

== RESTART: C:/Python_projects/Functions/ =====
The Sum is 230


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