Python Built-in Methods

Earlier you learned about functions and built-in functions. One of the built-in function is print() function. In this article, you will learn about python built-in methods. There are two types of methods in python. One that comes from python modules and built-in methods. The python module will have function definition which you can use after … Read more

Python Keyword Parameters

In earlier articles about function, we have used parameters and those parameters are replaced with some arguments when a function call takes place. In this article, you will learn about python functions that takes default values or called it named parameters.These named parameters have some values assigned to them. You can always override these default … Read more

Python Function Return NoneType

In the previous articles, you have seen various types of functions. Function either return a value or nothing. In this article, you will learn about functions that return a None. The None is the only value that belong to None Type. When Python Functions Return None There are a number of situations when a python … Read more

Python Function With Parameters, No Return

In the previous example, you have seen that python can take no parameter and return some value. In this example, you will learn that a function can take some parameter and output the results without returning the value. Python Program To Reverse a String In this example, we will accept a string as parameter and … Read more

Python Functions

So far we have seen many programs which ran sequentially, means executed the lines of codes in a linear manner. We have also seen blocks of code such as if-then-else and loops such as for-loop and while-loop. In this article , you learn about python functions. Once thing is common to all of these codes, … Read more

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