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C Program to Implement Bubble Sort Algorithm

This program is an implementation of Bubble sort algorithm. The program receives unsorted input numbers and sorts the number in ascending or descending number as an output.

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This program is written with Turbo C++ version 3 compiler, but you can use any other standard C compiler to code and run this program. It is intended for intermediate to an advanced level learner of C language.

To help you understand this program see the following sections – Problem definition, Flowchart of the program and a verified output.

Problem Definition

In this program, we read some numbers into an array. The numbers are unsorted and our goal is to sort the input numbers using Bubble Sort algorithm.

In depth analysis of the Bubble Sort algorithm is not in the scope of the article. We discuss the working of this algorithm and later implement the same using C program.

The working of this algorithm is easy to understand with an example. Suppose we are given following unsorted numbers to sort using bubble sort.

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